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Meet our drones


The Phantom 4 is the most advanced consumer drone available. Using 4 optical sensors, it is capable of obstacle avoidance, active tracking of moving subjects, and autonomous flight to a destination chosen on an iPad. With longer battery life and a more aerodynamic shell than its predecessor, The Phantom 4 produces footage that has to be seen to be believed!

* FAA Certified Pilot *

The Phantom 3 captures incredible HD video that streams directly to an iPad. The 3-axis gimbal constantly adjusts the camera to keep the image steady. Plus, you can precisely control the tilt of the camera from the remote control. All of this adds up to an ability to deliver breathtaking aerial footage of virtually anything, anywhere!

A Few Uses For HD Aerial Video:


  • Real Estate Listings

  • Infrastructure Inspection

  • Security

  • Land Conservation Monitoring

  • Archeological Surveys

  • Event Videography

  • Advertising/Web Design

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